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Infant Developmental Movement - Newborn to 4 Months

$75Purchase required to enroll

Open your awareness to your baby’s process.

Everything is new in the first three months. During these 3 week series classes, we will be exploring your baby’s arrival, bonding, comfort and joy.

We will focus on the following:

● Tools for Digestion, Breast-feeding, and Sucking.

● Placing your baby on all four sides of their body.

● When your baby wants to engage with him or her self and when they want engage with their external world. How can we follow your baby’s rhythm?

● Symmetry and Asymmetry. ​Reflexes

● Balancing flexion and extension.

● The process of arriving to a ​Midline​.

● How your baby moves through their organs and from the organ into ​Rolling​.

Through play and touch we facilitate movement and create a container for your baby to discover their relationships and their world.

Come and let's explore what your baby is teaching us together!

*Limited to 6 per class